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My Story, My Passion

I love yoga and I'm passionate about helping you to feel better, move better and enjoy the things you love in life! I started doing yoga to help manage the back problems I had in my early teens and 20's. Yoga has helped me get out of pain and stay out of pain while building better body awareness, strength and flexibility. If you're the type of person that values the process of slowing down and noticing what is really happening, the type of yoga I teach is for you. I encourage awareness of breath and movement to help you take what you learn in class into your daily life. Beginners welcome!

My Yoga Training:

2017 - Painting the Durga Yantra (8hrs); Chanti Tacoronte-Perez
2017 - Female and Pelvic Floor Online Conference (7hrs); Susi Hately
2015 - Calm.Steady.Strong Online Training (15hrs); Susi Hately
2015 - Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (16hr); Rhoda Miriam
2010 - Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (58hrs); Susi Hately
2009 - Yoga Therapy: Physiological - Insomnia & Fibromyalgia; (9hrs) Gary Kraftsow
2009 - ChildPlay Yoga (16hrs); Gurudass Kaur
2008 - Anatomy & Physiology for Thai Massage & Yoga (17hrs); Charles Duff
2008 - Prenatal Yoga Training Workshop (10hrs); Rhonda Kantor
2008 - Radiant Child Yoga Level 3 (10hrs); Shakta Kaura Khalsa
2007 - Radiant Child Yoga Level 2 (8hrs); Shakta Kaur Khalsa
2007 - Radiant Child Yoga Level 1 (10hrs); Shakta Kaur Khalsa
2007 - Yoga for the Special Child Level 2 (48hrs); Sonia Sumar
2007 - Yoga for the Special Child Level 1 (47hrs); Sonia Sumar
2005 - Yoga for the Special Child Basic (51hrs); Sonia Sumar
2004 - Feel Your Best Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs); Debra Mundt

Additional Education and Training:

2019 - Astral Clairvoyant Training Level 1 (73hrs); Christopher Rhodes
2018 - Women's Clairvoyant Training Level 1 (73hrs) InVision; Kristine Anderson
2018 - Clairvoyant Training Level 2 (73hrs) InVision; Christopher Rhodes 
2018 - Psychic Meditation Level 2 (9hrs) InVision; Deborah Klett
2017 - Clairvoyant Training Level 1 (73hrs); InVision; Christopher Rhodes
2016 - Women's Healing Level 1 (9hrs); InVision; Kristine Anderson
2014 - Psychic Meditation Level 1 (9hrs); InVision; Christopher Rhodes
2003 - Medicinal Herbs for Healing Arts Professionals Level 2 (3hrs); Kathi Keville
2003 - Medicinal Herbs for Healing Arts Professionals Level 1 (6hrs); Kathi Keville
1996-2000 Bachelor of Arts, Art Therapy; Alverno College
1999 Student Exchange Program, University College Chester; England

My Educational Journey:

After I finished my initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, I decided I wanted to learn more about teaching yoga to children with special needs.  The Yoga for the Special Child training brought me to Chicago and I founded my business - YogaMend.  Initially, I focused on teaching children with special needs in their homes and eventually I started teaching all ages and abilities in group and private settings.  The therapeutic training I took with Susi Hately helped me grow and expand my therapeutic style of teaching and I started to include a more hands on approach.  I continued to develop and expand my approach for several years based on the information I gained from working with clients and helping them to reach their personal goals.  All of these individual cases have brought me to my current interests in therapeutics, meditation, and energy work.  The past few years have brought a lot of growth and change in my approach and I plan to add more services that reflect my most recent training.  I look forward to sharing all that I've learned and as always I'm open to feedback!  Thank you for your interest & support :)  Your presence in my life allows me to be able share what I love! Namaste,  Emily

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